Social Golf Membership

Become a social golf member of McLeod today

Join McLeod Country Golf Club as a Social Golf Member and enjoy all the benefits an afternoon tee off time has to offer with 9 hole Competitions..

A unique opportunity to connect with others, whether it’s colleagues, friends, or new acquaintances.

Knocking off work early, and with the rest of the day ahead of you, there’s even more flexibility in planning those post-golf activities.

Enjoy discounted dinner and drinks in our Clubhouse with extended hours over the summer period to relax and unwind as the sun sets on another day.

Become a Social Golf Member today and experience the McLeod Country Golf Club difference.

Call (07) 3376 3666 to enquire about our memberships or click below to view our application form.


  • Access to all 9 Hole Competitions for only $10 Mon – Fri 12.30-4.30pm (last tee time)
  • GA Handicap
  • Social Golf 7 days a week at 50% off the standard green fees
  • $100 Hospitality Credit
  • Discounted Food & Beverages and access to Weekly Friday Night Members Draw

* Annual subscription is $799 (no pro rata available). Terms & Conditions Apply: click here.

Dress Code

Dress standards for members and visitors to the McLeod Country Golf Club will be enforced.  All club users are expected to maintain a suitable dress standard both on the course and in the clubhouse. In general terms neat, modest and clean attire is usually acceptable with the following caveats:-

Dress standards on course

All golfing attire must be clean, modest and in good repair. All shirts must be either collared or an approved golf shirt and closed footwear is required.

Dress Standards in Clubhouse

All members and guests must be clean, neat and tidy in appearance and must be inoffensive to others. Adult patrons entering the club after 6:30pm must observe night time dress regulations.


  • No mens singlets or mens sleeveless shirts
  • No tracksuits/fleecy pants/hoodies or any kind of surplus clothing tied around the waist
  • No dirty work clothes or dirty work boots
  • No items of clothing with rude or offensive designs or writing
  • No bikies club colours


  • No rubber thongs/scuffs/surf sandals/masseur sandals/crocs

*Night time dress regulations commence at 6:30pm.*

Service may be refused if the apparel worn does not fit these parameters or is judged to be untidy or inappropriate. Admission to the club is always at the discretion of club management.

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