Update as at 17th December, 2021
The new Board (elected 16 December 2021) has made the decision to follow the updated direction issued by Clubs Queensland and therefore allow non-vaccinated MEMBERS to play golf.
Unvaccinated non-members will not be able to play for the time being.
Until further notice, anyone entering the Proshop will be required to wear a mask. The clubhouse is not mandatory as it is only open to vaccinated members and patrons.
Our staff are extremely nervous, and out of respect for them, we request any non-vaccinated members entering the Proshop wear a mask.
From 5.00am Friday 17 December 2021 the following directions will be implemented. These directions are the law, they are not McLeod directions and need to be followed to the letter.
Golf Operations:
– Unvaccinated people may play golf, including associated activities i.e. golf course practice facilities, mini golf etc.
– Unvaccinated people may play golf in the same group as fully vaccinated people.
– Unvaccinated people may share a golf cart with a vaccinated golfer
– Unvaccinated people may use the ‘drinks cart’ service.
– Unvaccinated people may enter and use Proshop services.
– Unvaccinated people may purchase take-away food and drinks to consume on the golf course and practice facilities. They may not eat and drink in the Proshop, clubhouse and/or surrounds.
Golf Australia continues to encourage both golf participants and workers to get vaccinated as soon as they are able as the above information may change at any time.
– Unvaccinated people may coach and be coached.
– Coaches delivering school-based programs are to check with the school regarding a school’s legal requirements.
There are different requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons within clubhouses:
– Unvaccinated participants may not enter the clubhouse for any purpose (food and beverages available through the Proshop and half-way house may be purchased and to be consumed whilst playing)
We sincerely hope all members will still continue to play golf during this time. We appreciate some will feel uncomfortable but please trust in the knowledge that the best medical minds are supporting this direction, and the Board is doing everything to enable you all to still enjoy being out on our beautiful course.
We will not accept any disrespect to our staff as they enforce these laws, so please be respectful if you are asked to follow these rules.

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