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McLeod is Brisbane's best golfing experience.

The Silo on McLeod Golf Course

McLeod silo on 2nd tee
The silo on McLeod Golf Course, visible from Tekapo St, marks the site of one of the original dairy farms in the area. A farmhouse and farm buildings were once situated close by the silo. Some remnants of the milking shed are visible near the silo though they cannot be seen from the road. A cattle dip was still near the silo in the early period of the Golf Club operations. It is no longer visible as it was necessary to cover harmful sludge and to address subsequent seepage problems. The farm was quite large, comprising several hundred acres and extending uphill toward the summit of Mt Ommaney as well as west and south in Westlake and Middle Park.
The construction:
The silo was erected about 1943 for the farmer, Allan Marr, by Frank Brady of Richlands. Materials were in short supply during the war so Mr Brady made breeze blocks on site, using Darra cement and breeze delivered from the gasworks. Breeze is the refuse from the process of making coke and is used to make breeze blocks. As the breeze block structure was not very strong,crossbars were placed on the outside for strengthening. The stored silage was used to feed the dairy cattle. On the photograph, the letters “ALMAR” referring to Allan Marr can be seen to the right of the crossbars when zooming in.
Land Sales:
Allan Marr was the son of John Fyfe Marr, of Marr’s Boarding House fame. Allan and his wife Lorna lived on and worked the farm.
John Fyfe Marr acquired the property in 1940 from Fred Maurer, descendant of one of the 19th century pioneers of the area.
The Maurers had held the property for many years, having acquired it in the early 20th century from Matthew Goggs. The land was part of the Wolston Estate in the 19th century.
In 1947 the ownership of the property was transferred from John Fyfe Marr to George McGavin.
In November 1948, the property was registered in the name of Vicar Provincial of the Order of St Augustine, an order of Catholic priests. The Augustinians engaged share farmers, including the Bremner family for a period, to carry on the dairy farming enterprise.  The Augustinian Order held it until 1960 when it was sold to the developers.

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