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Past Presidents

Past Presidents of the McLeod Country Golf Club

The current Board of Directors wishes to thank all of the Members and Fellows  past Presidents who have stood for the job of position in the past.

1968-Kath Atherton
Hilda Reid OMA
Claire Taylor
Margery Rudder
Rae Livingston
Irene Coombes
Janice Edmunds
Heather Hagan
Margaret Harris
Grace Ferguson
Barbara Bishop
Margaret Duggan
Robin Chesterman
Deborah Marsland
2010-2013      Di Paez
2013-2015      Deborah Prior
2015- 2019     Carolyn Mcilvenny


Past Fellows Presidents

1969               D. Koroloff
1969-1972     R. Sheppard
1972-1975     K. Wilson
1975-1978     S. Montgomery
1978-1981     R. Whannell
1981-1982     P. Bird
1982-1984     H. Whitting
1984-1985     A. Corless
1985-1988     I. Vallis
1988-1989     D. Murphy
1989-1992     J. Craig
1992-1993     G. Cullen
1993-1996     K. Wilkinson
1996-2000    S. Montgomery
2001-2002     K. Wilkinson
2003-2004     G. Cullen
2004-2006     N. McCabe
2007-2013     N. Fairhurst
2013-2016     D. Boyd
2016-2017     S. Malson
2017-              P. De’ath

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