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McLeod is Brisbane's best golfing experience.

New Golf rules coming 1st January 2019

The first major change in golf rules for many years is coming into effect on the 1st January 2019.  These changes will effect many areas of the game so you need to be doing a little homework now.  To make this easier for you we have added links to videos available on the R&A website Just click onthe rule and scroll down.  The full rules are available here –

Rule 10: Preparing for and Making a Stroke; Advice and Help; Caddies

Touching the line of play on putting green.
Caddie standing behind the ball to help line up.

Rule 12:  Ball in Motion Accidentally Hits Person, Animal or Object; Deliberate Actions to Affect Ball in Motion

When Ball Is in Bunker.
Moving loose impediments or touching ground in the bunker.

Rule 13: Putting Greens

Repairing damage to the putting green.
No penalty for moving ball on the putting green.
When to replace ball that moves on the putting green.
Ball played from green hits unattended Flagstick in hole.

Rule 14: Procedures for Ball: Marking, Lifting and Cleaning; Replacing on Spot; Dropping in Relief Area; Playing from Wrong Place

Caddie lifting ball on putting green.
Replacing the ball when original spot is not known.
Substitution of ball is always allowed when taking relief.
Measuring the size of the relief area where the ball must be dropped or played.
Procedure for dropping a ball in a relief area.
Where a dropped ball must come to rest.

Rule 16:  Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions), Dangerous Animal Condition, Embedded Ball

Procedures for taking back on the line relief.
Touching loose impediments or ground in a Penalty area.

Rule 17:  Penalty Areas

Areas the committee may mark as penalty areas.
Procedure for taking back of line relief.
Procedure for taking lateral relief.

Rule 18:  Stroke-and-Distance Relief, Ball Lost or Out of Bounds, Provisional Ball

Rule 19:  Unplayable ball

Unplayable ball in the bunker.

Copies of the new rules will be made available to you prior to the 2019 season but in the mean time you can get a sneak peek here –


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