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McLeod is Brisbane's best golfing experience.

Golf Membership

McLeod Golf membership options

Why join the McLeod Country Golf Club?

Free social games

Free social games are included in most membership categories.  Play as much as you like 7 days a week, free.

Competition games

Getting your handicap is a milestone for every golfer.  Competition golf is the next step and challenges you to improve your game whether you are just starting out or an expert.


Not all competition is about lowering your handicap, team games are more about developing new friendships and community so we try to have a nice mix of both in our annual golf calendar.  Charity and giving back to the local community is also a key part of the McLeod tradition.

It’s fun and healthy too

You are outdoors, surrounded by green and nature, all good for calming the mind and de-stressing.  Plus, did you know that walking 18 holes nets you 17,000 steps on your Fitbit!

The Club currently has no waiting list for membership.

Click here to view membership entitlements

The annual subscription year runs from the 1st October to 30th September. A range of payment options are available for the annual subscription including EFT, credit card and direct debit payments. A monthly pro-rata subscription fee will be applied depending on your joining date. Fees may also be paid monthly with a small credit charge. Membership Fees include affiliation and insurance, annual levy’s and hospitality cash. Click on Golf membership entitlements for more information on each category type.

Golf Membership Application forms can be downloaded  or

Contact the main office 3376 3666

New for 2018-19 season 6 Day membership

Member – $1629.45 – includes $100 hospitality cash

Fellow – $1619.30 – includes $100 hospitality cash

Now you can play everyday except Saturday.  Great for couples that want to play together on Sundays in our club medley or mixed events.  Free social rounds Sunday to Friday.  Able to play in Honour Board events that occur Sunday to Friday plus Anniversary Day.

Membership is up-gradable to full membership with the payment of the fee difference at any time on pro-rata basis.

Young Professional Members & Fellows
Member – $940.55 – includes $100 hospitality cash

Fellow – $934.00 – includes $100 hospitality cash

Are you a Young Professional and no we don’t mean a golf Pro in training, but rather a golfer who is time poor and still wants to play competition golf but not getting value for money with a traditional membership? McLeod is offering a 20 competition game limit on any day, with their new Young Professional Membership to males and females aged 26 to 45 years of age as of 1st Oct.

Able to use the course 7 days a week for social rounds at no cost.

Includes a handicap, insurance and affiliation fees.

Young Professional Members Guests are entitled to a discounted rate when accompanied by a me-mber.

Able to play in Honour Board Events (as part of 20 games).

Membership is up-gradable to other membership types with the payment of the fee difference at any time on pro-rata basis.

No extension will be given to 20 game limit under this membership. Members who exceed 20 games will automatically be upgraded to full ordinary membership and the fee difference will be due.

Payment options are available.

McLeod Social Club
$300 – includes $100 hospitality cash

Not interested in playing competition golf but still need a handicap for those occasional corporate days or when the family gets together for the epic annual challenge. McLeod Social Club membership allows you to keep a Golflink handicap and receive reduced green fees for all social games at McLeod. Plus we will extend special invitations to select events such a Pro Am’s, Ladies Black Marker Challenge, Men’s Blue marker challenge, Bring a non golfer days etc.

Play socially all year round, 7 days a week. We’ll also administer your handicap, insurance & affiliation fee’s.

Receive 25% off our base social green rates. Based on playing once a week, you’ll save yourself $507 a year*

Guests of McLeod Social Club members must pay full green fees.

Membership is up-gradable to other membership types with the payment of the fee difference.

Unable to play in Honour Board Events or regular Members competitions.

*calculated based on $34 midweek rate, playing an average of once a week.

Great Deal – 16 Months Membership for the Price of 12 Months!

From 1st June we offer 16 months membership for the price of 12 months on any membership type for all new members.  Get playing today, no need to wait for the next season to start.

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