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McLeod Foundation Members

Foundation Members

Agnes Carnegie
Alexander Foote
Ada Andronicus
Alan Whitly
Alexis Edmonds
Allan Hungerford
Annette Martin
Anthony Rudder
Aubrey Pedwell
Audrey Whitly
Avril Wiley
Barbara Dare
Barbara Gates
Barbara McLean
Beth Summerville
Betty Callanan
Beverley Allan
Beverley Eva
Beverley Westaway
Brian Bauer
Bronwen Hamilton
Bruce McKensey
Bunny Radburn
Carolyn Koroloff
Cheryl Gibson
Claire Brew
Cynthia Hay
Derek Gee
Donald Look
Doreen Bartrum
Dmitri Koroloff
Edna Hastie
Eileen Jenkins
Eileen Miles
Eileen Reaney
Elizabeth Barker
Ella Howe
Ellen Adams
Ellen Scott
Eloise Zucker
Elsie Hamilton
Elwyn Holohan

Emilie Martin
Enid Birkbeck
Ethel Gee
Evelyn Hamilton
Fay Fast
Florence Abbott
Frank Garrahy
Francis Wallace
Frances Look
Fredrick Holmes
Gaie Short
Gary Anderson
Grace Bruderer
*Grace Connors
Grace Harding
Gwen Kinnane
Gwendolyn Johnson
Hazel Teske
Heather Scraggs
Helen Ahloy
Helen Hoad
Helen Kahler
Henry Beaumont
*Hilda Reid
Ian Jacob
Irene Oliver
Isabel Kaiser
Ivy Schneider
Jacqueline Black
Janice Bell
Janice Holmes
Jean Jacob
Jean Mogg
Jeanette McQuaker
Jessie Paterson
Jill Wesche
Jim Mogg
Joan Hancock
Joan Hungerford
Joan Peckover
John Egan
John O’Farrell

John Wilson (Keith)
Joseph Thiele
Joyce Belfield
Joyce Lennon
Judith Anderson
Judith Wilson
June Ambrose
June McArthur
Katharine Walker
*Kathleen Atherton
Kathleen Redwood
Kathleen Hawkes
Leslie Turner
Lorraine Josephs
Lorraine Hamilton
Lyndell Thiele
Lynette Andersson
Lynette McCoombes
Marcella Copley
Margaret Bodley
Margaret Burke
*M Irvine
Margaret MacGregor
Margaret McMillan
Margaret Walker
Margery Godfrey
*Margery Rudder
Marjorie Ellis
Mary Murray
Marjory Cresswell
Maurine Lamont
Mary McCabe
Maureen Unwin
*Muriel Lynem (nee Pottage)
Nancy Pollock
Nancy Smith
Noela Goodwin
Noela Pye
Norma Gray
Norman Way
Pamela East
Patricia Bucknell
Patricia Martin
*Patricia McCullough
Patricia McDonald
Patricia Way
Peggy Herbert
Peter McLaughlin
Phyllas Lovell
Phyllis Hyland
*Rae Livingston nee McKenzie
Ray Colledge
Raymond Teske
Robert Good
Ronal Sheppard
Ronald Miscamble
Shirley Spatny
Stella McMinn
Sydney Cutmore
Sylvia Anderson
Thelma Haupt
Thelma Rosen
Trevor Turner
Ursula Hogarth
Ursula Koroloff
Valerie Goddard
Valerie Hall
Valmae Lingard
Valmai Bowden
Vivienne Morrison
*W Kelly
Wendy Cooper
Wendy Freemantle
William Adams
William Howe
Yvonne Battey
Yvonne Wilson
Zola Marlan

163 Foundation Members

*Inaugural Committee Members as voted at the Inaugural Meeting held in the Lord Mayor’s Reception Room, City Hall, Brisbane, Wednesday 28th February, 1968.

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Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting


Meeting held in the Lord Mayor’s Reception Room, City Hall, Brisbane, Wednesday 28th February, 1968, at 7.30p.m.

In the capacity of Temporary Chairman, Miss.K.Atherton informed the meeting that the members of the Interim Committee had invited Mrs.Audrey O’Dwyer to act as Chairman for the evening.     After enumerating briefly Mrs.O’Dwyer’s many qualifications and interests, particularly in the field of women’s sport, Miss.Atherton then proposed that Mrs.O’Dwyer be elected to the Chair, and there being no objections, Mrs.O’Dwyer was duly installed.

Mrs.O’Dwyer having read the Notice of Meeting and declared the meeting formally open, listed the following apologies:-

The Premier, the Hon.J.C.A.Pizzey, M.L.A.and Mrs.Pizzey.

The Rt.Hon.the Lord Mayor, Aid.Clem Jones and the Lady Mayoress.

Mr.Colin Trapp,  (Clubhouse Architect)

Mrs.5.Douglas (President, Royal Queensland.)

Mr.G.H.Mocatta (President, Brisbane District Golf Union)

Mrs.Allan &  Mrs.Walker, Oxley Golf Club.

Mrs.J.Liley, Indooroopilly Golf Club,

Mrs.Want, Wandgate Golf Club,

Miss.Audrey Johnson, Brisbane  Golf Club,

Miss.Joan Fletcher, Brisbane Golf Club,

Dr.Clive Boyce O.B.E., Course Architect.

Mr.B.Gill.  (Hon.Solicitor)

Mrs.J.Wilson, President, National Council of Women. Mrs.Hunter, Wynnum Golf Club,

Miss.D.Heath, Canberra.   )

Mrs.J.Graham, Canberra.    )      Country Members.

Mrs.G.Bruderer.   )

Mrs.M,Cameron, Redcliffe Golf Club.

Mrs.Davidson, Keperra Golf Club,

Mr.C.Earp, Professional, Royal Queensland Golf Club,



Miss.M.Irvine (Foundation Committee Member) Mrs.H.Fredline,

Mrs.M.G.Hatton.  (President, Old.Ladies’ Golf Union)



For the information of those who did not know all the details of the scheme, the Chairman read a brief history of the project to date, which covered the following points:

The idea of a golf club to be administered by women at first seemed impracticable in view of the many difficulties, not the least of which was the acquisition of suitable land.  Centenary Estates’ offer of just such a piece of land to anyone prepared to develop it as a golf course, led to an approach being made to them, as the outcome of which, at a public meeting called to test the reaction to the idea, an Interim Committee was formed to investigate the matter fully and determine as nearly as possible the cost of turning the idea into a reality.

Golf Clubs throughout Queensland were informed of the project, and some response by way of offers of financial assistance were received.     Several large advertisers were also approached, and although no financial support has been forthcoming, alternative suggestions of assistance have been offered; for instance, one firm   would consider staging an exhibition game on the course when developed.

The Management Committee and a team of interested volunteers conducted an intensive letterbox campaign in the area, which received a sufficient response to indicate that residents would be prepared to support a Club in their locality.

From the outset, the A.L.G.U.and Q.L.G.U.  have expressed their interest in the proposal, and Mrs.R.McKenzie of the Interim Committee travelled to Adelaide during the playing of the Australian Championships when the Annual Meeting the A.L,G.U. delegates was held,  to inform the union of the scheme at first hand, and she was most courteously received.  The Committee’s thanks go to A.N.A. who paid half of Mrs.McKenzie’s fares, Mrs.McKenzie paying one quarter herself and the Club the balance.

Great interest was shown, and assistance offered, by the then Premier of the State-Hon.G.F .Nicklin,  and also the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.

To create the course itself, the Committee has been fortunate enough to obtain services of Dr.Clive Boyce, as Honorary Course Architect, Dr.Boyce has prepared several alternative layouts for the course, aiming for a total length of over 6,000 yards with a probable par of 72, with ratings and distances as for a standard men’s course adjusted in the usual way for women, in order that the course would lack nothing in the way of challenge for top golfers, without proving too difficult for everyday golfers.

The services of Mr.Colin Trapp were engaged to design a clubhouse, and he has drawn up plans for a building to be erected in two or three stages,  in order to meet the limited finances. The first stage will have all the necessary facilities of a modern clubhouse,  plus a child minding centre, professional’s shop and caretakers quarters.

The estimated cost of $10,000 to develop the first nine holes of a planned 18 course was obtained from the Queensland Greenkeepers’ Association, this amount would include water reticulation.

With regard to water requirements, the Premier was requested to provide the services of the Irrigation and Water Supply Commission to inspect the area and make recommendations as to the feasibility and approximate costs of supplying water irrigation of the course and certain clubhouse needs such as septic system, there being no town water available. A design for a “Farm Weir” of 3 million gallons capacity, costing approximately $3,000 had been prepared, and the Irrigation and Water Supply Commission will continue to act in an advisory capacity as and when required during the calling of tenders and subsequent construction.

The final result of the Committee’s investigations showed that the initial stage could be completed for an estimated $48,000, and with the assistance of Miss.P McCullouqh who is a qualified accountant, and the advice of the architect Mr.Trapp the Premier was approached and his assistance sought in raising a mortgage loan from the State Government Insurance Office. That Office has now offered such loan to the extent of $40,000. The loan is for a period of 15 years at 7 ¾% interest, plus the payment of premiums on Life Assurance policies taken out or the lives of Committee Members and/or Office Bearers of the Club, which take form of collateral security for the loan. Interest is to be paid half-yearly and there will be no repayment of principal for the first five years. This is to give the Club the opportunity of extending the Course, to 18 holes within three years without applying for a further loan. The interest rate, while higher than had been hoped for, must be considered reasonable, taking into account the large amount of the loan against the total capital outlay.

The Club now has the task of raising the additional $8000 or more which may be required, by way of fees, debentures, donations etc., which, although no easy matter, it is confidently expected can be done. The Club is holding $250 in advance fees and debentures, but has met all its expenses to date from a straight out donations received from benefactors and the proceeds of one small function.  The generosity of those who have made these donations, which were entirely un­solicited, is greatly appreciated. The Club also holds $5 donated by a Country Member for a trophy on Opening Day.

Naming the course was a matter of considerable thought, since there is already golf course at Jindalee. In view of the uniqueness of the concept a woman’s name was considered appropriate, and the permission of Miss.Gertrude McLeod was sought to name the Club The McLeod Country Golf Club, to perpetuate her contribution women’s golf and honour the Club at the same time.  Miss.McLeod graciously consented to this, and the Committee is deeply appreciate of her unswerving confidence in the success of the venture.

Committee.    The original Committee appointed on 16th January,1967 comprised

Miss.K.G.Atherton      Miss.M.Pottage(now Mrs.J.Lynem)

Mrs.B.D.Herd.                     Miss.H.M.Reid



During the year the Committee lost the services of Miss.Osterlund through illness, and Mrs.Herd, whose husband was transferred to Cairns.   Mrs.R.McKenzie filled one of these vacancies, and her previous experience in golf club administration has proved her a valuable member of the Committee.

Following the reading of the foregoing report on the activities of the Committee so far the Chairman called for a motion that a Club be formed. This was moved by Miss.G.Ostei and seconded by Mrs.W.Kelly. At this point Mrs.Gargett addressed the Chair, expressing pleasure at the selection of the name in honour of Miss.McLeod. The motion that the Club be formed was carried unanimously.

The Chairman then read a Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association, pointing out that these can only be adopted subject to such modifications and amendments as may be require by either or both the Crown Law Office and the Licencing Commission. A motion to adopt the draft Memorandum and Articles of Association with one small amendment (a typographic error) was proposed by Miss.H.M.Reid and seconded by Miss.K.G.Atherton.

Mr.R.Findlay requested clarification of Clause 39 “Fellow Membership”, following which motion was put to the meeting and carried; that the Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association be adopted.

At this stage the Chairman called for the election of office bearers as follows:


Senior Vice President. Junior Vice President. Treasurer. Secretary. Captain. ,

5 Committee Members.

The undermentioned ladies were nominated and seconded as indicated, and there being no further nominations, were duly elected:

President. Miss.K.G.Atherton.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.J.Hacking. Miss.G.Harding.
Senior Vice President.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.C.Harvey. Mrs.A.Bongers.
Junior Vice President.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.K.Green. Miss,J.Ambrose.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.J.Lynem. Miss.H.Reid.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.W.Kelly. Mrs.M.Ives,
Proposed, Seconded.
Miss.B.Radburn. Miss,K.Atherton.
Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.I.Wische. Miss,G.Johnson.

Proposed. Seconded.
Miss.J.Le Feuvre. Miss.Y.Wilson.

Proposed. Seconded.
Mrs.L.Bell. Mrs.B.Koroloff.
No further nominations for the remaining two positions as Committee Members were received and the Chairman pointed out that under the Articles, further Committee Members could be elected at a later date.  At the moment the present numbers would prove a workable committee and Mrs.O’Dwyer expressed the opinion that at a later stage there would be people willing to take office and that no further time should be spent at this stage if from this meeting no more nominations were forthcoming.

The office bearers were introduced to the meeting and invited to take seats on the official dais.

At this stage the Chairman invited the President, Miss.Atherton, to formally ask Miss. Gertrude McLeod to be Patron of the McLeod Country Golf Club.

In asking Miss.McLeod to become patron of the newly formed club, Miss.Atherton spoke of the splendid service Miss.McLeod has given to golf in Queensland and to women’s golf in particular and requested that she do the Club the honour of becoming its Patron.

Miss.McLeod in reply said that instead of the golf Club being honoured with her patronage, she felt very honoured in having the Club named for her and being asked to become Patron. Miss.McLeod praised the work done by the Committee and others involved and stated that they deserve all the help they can be given, and that she would do all she could to help the Club.

The Chairman then introduced the Junior Vice President, Miss.H.M.Reid, telling the meeting of the tremendous amount of work Miss.Reid in particular (and she felt the other members of the Committee would concede this) had done to bring the project to its present sound position. She asked Miss.Reid to address the meeting on future plans and invited any questions to be directed to Miss.Reid.

Miss.Reid began by expressing appreciation of the support and assistance which had been given by so many people, Centenary Estates’ General Manager, Mr.Lightfoot, the S.G.I.O. represented by Mr.Parker – Investment Manager, Mr.B.Gill, Mr.C.Trapp, Dr.C.Boyce, the Hon.G.F.Nicklin, the Lord Mayor, and all who had helped in any way to reach the present stage.  She spoke of the need for intensified efforts to raise the necessary finance to bridge the gap between the loan allocation and the actual amount required in cash and pointed out the different ways in which assistance could be given in other directions, by donation of unused articles of furniture and furnishings etc., planting of cuttings for course beautification.   Miss.Reid pointed out that what had been accomplished so far had only been accomplished by a small group acting as a team, and that now a Club had actually been formed the Committee would act through its members, all of whom could play an active part in raising funds by private means such as social evenings, by raffle ticket sales when this was organised.  No Club can operate unless all the members pull together and act as a team, and she hoped to see this spirit prevail in the new Club.    Even if each member of the present 100 brings in one additional member, there is still a long way to go and this problem of raising money must be given full consideration.     It is intended to hold a general meeting at which ideas would be asked for on acquiring all the things needed for the new Club.  It is hoped to arrange this as an outdoor function onthe site so that all interested can come and see the area.

Miss.Atherton was then asked by the Chairman to propose a Vote of Thanks.   Miss,Atherton acknowledged the part played by the following:- Mr.Budge Gill, Hon.Solicitor, Dr.Clive Boyce O.B.E., Queensland Government – Premier and recently retired Premier Mr.Nicklin, Brisbane City Council     Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Miss.McLeod, Members of Professional Golfers Association, Members of Greenkeepers Association, Mrs.Green (Recorder), and many friends who helped in all kinds of ways, acting as hostesses, ushers, and those putting notes in letter boxes.

In response to a special vote of thanks moved by Miss.Atherton and carried by acclamation, Mrs.O’Dwyer drew the attention of the meeting to the preseoce of several wellknown identities. President of the P.G.A., Mr.D.Katterns and Mrs.Katterns, Mrs,N.Day Secretary of the Q.L.G.U. also Miss. of the Q.L.G.U., Mrs.R.Bangers, Victoria Park,

and also Mrs.McGregor-Lowndes M.B.E., a woman well known in sporting activities not only in Queensland but also throughout Australia.  Mrs.O’Dwyer thanked the meeting for being a helpful audience, and expressed the hope that now the McLeod Country Golf Club is established it will go on from success to success,   Mrs.O’Dwyer concluded with the words – “It is up to us, and the majority of us are women, although I know the men are interested too, if only to get us off their courses’  The McLeod Country Golf Club is now launched, and is also-Outward Bound.”

The meeting was formally closed at 9.37 p.m.

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Deed of Agreement

Deed of Agreement signature page


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