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Dress Standards

Dress standards - Typical golf attire
Dress standards for members and visitors to the McLeod Country golf club will be enforced.  All club users are expected to maintain a suitable dress standard both on the course and in the clubhouse. In general terms neat, modest and clean attire is usually acceptable with the following caveats:-

Dress standards on course

  • All golfing attire must be clean, modest and in good repair.
  • Ripped jeans, see through singlets, revealing shorts, dirty workwear, bike pants or tracksuit pants are examples of what is not acceptable.
  • All shirts must be either collared or an approved golf shirt.
  • Closed footwear is required.
  • Examples of all acceptable wear maybe found in the golf Shop.

Dress standards for FootGolf players

  • All attire must be clean, modest and in good repair.
  • Polo shirts or club soccer shirts, Soccer or Golf shorts, skirts or pants are recommended.
  • Socks with Indoor or turf soccer shoes.
  • Soccer shoes with hard cleats are not allowed.

Clubhouse dress is smart casual.

  • Wearing of the following is not acceptable: rubber thongs, tracksuits, board shorts or swimwear, bike pants, revealing singlet tops, ragged or torn jeans.


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