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Golf Course Map

McLeod Course Map - Course Tour

Course Tour – Fly Over and Hole by Hole Descriptions

You can do a full course tour prior to arriving by selecting a hole and click on the flyover link for a birds eye view of each hole.
Get all the tips on how to play each hole and avoid trouble, in theory anyway!

Course Tour – 1st Hole

1st Tee and fairway
Red Par 4 - 294m White Par 4 - 334m Blue Par 4 - 351m Trees and creeks protect both sides of the fairway, a straight drive will keep you out of trouble. Three tiered green is protected on right and left sides by bunkers. Long is safe. Click for Fly over

Course Tour – 2nd Hole

2nd hole fairway view
Red: Par 3 - 173m White: Par 3 - 175m Blue: Par 3 - 184m A downhill par 3 with bunkers either side of the green, trees to the right and water to the left and behind if very long. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 3rd Hole

Course Tour - 3rd Hole
Red: Par 5 - 369m White: Par 5 - 450m Blue: Par 5 - 457m 3rd Hole at McLeod is a sweeping right dogleg, over water from the men's tee, to an unsighted green. OB along fence line & water comes in again on rightClick for Fly Over

Course Tour – 4th Hole

View from 4th Tee
Red: Par 4 - 325m White: Par 4 - 343m Blue: Par 4 - 349m 4th Hole at McLeod has a slight dogleg left. Watch the OB on the left in line with the trees. Bunkers to left and right of green. Long hitters beware of water directly ahead 250+m could be wet. A fade is great here.Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 5th Hole

Course Tour - 5th Hole
Red: Par 4 - 287m White: Par 4 - 314m Blue: Par 4 - 326m Slight dogleg right to unseen green, over the fence left is OB and hazards on the right the length of the hole. Fairway bunker on the left corner. Looks easy but... Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 6th Hole

Course Tour - 6th Hole
Red: Par 3 - 113m White: Par 3 - 127m Blue: Par 3 - 137m Water hazards on right, bunkers protecting front right and left side of green. Steep slope behind green will punish those long. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 7th Hole

7th Fairway
Red: Par 5 - 466m White: Par 5 - 465m Blue: Par 5 - 485m Long par 5 with water crossing at Snake Gully. Beware! Long right slice hitters please note that there is an OB triangle (blue posts) on the 4th fairway, that applies to balls from the 7th. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 8th Hole

Course Tour - 8th Hole
Red: Par 4 - 297m White: Par 4 - 348m Blue: Par 4 - 370m Par 4 with water crossing in front of green. Water hazards along left of fairway, garden mounds on right are in play. Green is elevated and protected by bunkers on left and right. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 9th Hole

9th Hole at McLeod
Red: Par 5 - 413m White: Par 5 - 517m Blue: Par 5 - 523m Dog leg right at the end of this long par 5 catches many players either short in the front bunkers or wet in the dam. Beware... Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 10th Hole

10th Tee and fairway
Red: Par 5 - 437 White: Par 5 - 446m Blue: Par 5 - 448m Stay straight to stay out of tree and creek trouble from the tee. Long hitters can try to cut the corner. Uphill to green with front right protecting bunker with a nasty face - consider going sideways if against the face. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 11th Hole

Course Tour - 11th Hole
Red: Par 4 - 296m White: Par 4 - 300m Blue: Par 4 - 308m Short par 4 with dogleg right to unseen green. OB on right. Bunkers protect front right side and behind the green. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 12th Hole

Course Tour - 12th Hole
Red: Par 4 - 217m White: Par 3 - 118m Blue: Par 3 - 164m Creek in front of tee will catch those who miss direct their drive. OB to right. A large gum protects the front right of this elevated green and bunker on the left. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 13th Hole

13th Tee and fairway
Red: Par 5 - 398m White: Par 4 - 401m Blue: Par 4 - 402m Straight drive will keep you out of trouble from trees and creeks...Bunkers on left and right of green. Click to Fly Over

Course tour – 14th Hole

14th fairway
Red: Par 4 - 347m White: Par 4 - 357m Blue: Par 4 - 362m While tempting to go for the drive and cut the corner with this dogleg left, danger lurks over the edge of the hill and in the trees left and right. The right call is to layup to the right of the fairway bunkers, giving you a look at the green for the second shot... Click to Fly Over

Course Tour – 15th Hole

15th green
Red: Par 4 - 267m White: Par 4 - 281m Blue: Par 4 - 292m Water on 3 sides makes this approach daunting, accuracy is the key. The ideal shot bounces off the small hill in front of the green. Click to Fly Over

Course Tour – 16th Hole

16th Tee shot
Red: Par 3 - 130m White: Par 3 - 136m Blue: Par 3 - 142m

Uphill par 3, the green sits on the top of the hill with a deep bunker on the left front. The fairway slopes severely left feeding balls to the bunker, beware. Long will see you in the garden and right visiting our resident deer! Click to Fly Over

Course Tour – 17th Hole

17th green approach shot
Red: Par 5 - 395m White: Par 4 - 398m Blue: Par 4 - 401m A good second shot will see you close to the green, beware water to left and behind, and bunker to the right. Click for Fly Over

Course Tour – 18th Hole

18th fairway view
Red: Par 3 - 123m White: Par 3 - 161m Blue: Par 3 - 179m Uphill shot with front bunker on left protecting the left third of the green. Safe long. Ladies beware the tree on fairway right. Click For Fly Over

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