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Brisbane Invitational Past Event Results

2018 Results

2018 Brisbane Invitational winner Felicity Johnson Winner of the Seasons Aged Care Brisbane Invitational Felicity Johnson

The rain stayed away but the wind howled making for some truly trying conditions for Day 2 of the Seasons Aged Care Brisbane Invitational, but at the end of the day we had a four way tie for first place.  Breanna Gill of Australia, Felicity Johnson of England, Manon De Roey  of Belgium and Hanee Song of New Zealand were all tied on -2 necessitating a play off on the 18th.  As the sun was setting, the first go round saw all but Hanee Song land on the green.  Hanee recovered with a shot from the bunker to be within a metre but missed the putt. Breanna Gill also missed her par putt knocking both out of the play off.  Felicity and Manon returned to the 18th tee now in darkness with the tee lite by buggy lights and the club thanking the donation of the spot light for the 18th green.  Again both landed on the green and both missed birdie putts.  Felicity drained her par putt from three metres while Manon had to watch her putt slide by the hole to lose the day in  what was a thrilling finish.  Congratulations to all the girls, they all deserved to win.

PosPlayerRepresentsTO PARTOTALPrize Money
1 Felicity Johnson -272AUD $4,500.00
2 Breanna Gill -272AUD $2,300.00
2 Hanee Song -272AUD $2,300.00
2 Manon De Roey -272AUD $2,300.00
5 Jenna Hunter -173AUD $1,425.00
5 Stephanie Na -173AUD $1,425.00
7 Kyla Inaba Even74AUD $997.50
7 Whitney Hillier Even74AUD $997.50
7 Michele Thomson Even74AUD $997.50
7 Amy Walsh Even74AUD $997.50
11 Sheridan Gorton +175AUD $660.00
11 Grace Lennon +175AUD $660.00
11 Ayaka Nakayama+175AUD $660.00
11 Emily McLennan +175AUD $660.00
11 Ellen Davies-Graham +175AUD $660.00
16 Kylie Close +276AUD $420.00
16 Lili Cammisa +276AUD $420.00
16 Leah Hart+276AUD $420.00
16 Elmay Viking +276AUD $420.00
16 Kristen Farmer +276AUD $420.00
21 Chizuru Ueda +377AUD $288.00
21 Jessica Noh +377AUD $288.00
21 Victoria Fricot+377AUD $288.00
21 Carmen Railton +377AUD $288.00
21 Charlotte Thompson +377AUD $288.00
26 Katelyn Must +478AUD $206.50
26 Alexandra Orchard +478AUD $206.50
26 Georgia Clarke+478AUD $206.50
26 Chantelle Cassidy+478AUD $206.50
26 Lauren Hibbert +478AUD $206.50
26 Nina Muehl +478AUD $206.50
32 Sarah – Jane Boyd +579AUD $85.12
32 Hannah Hellyer+579AUD $85.12
32 Robyn Doig +579AUD $85.12
32 Jessica Cowie +579AUD $85.12
32 Paige Stubbs +579AUD $85.12
32 Alexis Belton+579AUD $85.12
32 Gennai Goodwin +579AUD $85.12
32 Brooke Baker +579AUD $85.12
40 Felicity Lloyd-Jones +680
40 Kristalle Blum +680
40 Nadine White+680
43 Jacki Marshall+781
43 Eileen Kelly+781
43 Nicole Okada+781
43 Brittany Bomar +781
43 Celina Yuan +781
43 Jaydon Vaenuku +781
43 Tamara Johns +781
50 Dea Mahendra+882
50 Jade Fisher +882
52 Lisbeth Brooks+1084
52 Vicky Uwland +1084
54 Molly Lavercombe +1488
55 Jodie Osbourne+1791

2017 Results

Winner of Brisbane Invitational

Winner of 2017 Brisbane Invitational Ellen Davis-Graham

Ellen Davies-Graham, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast carded an impressive 6 under par round of 68 in the benign morning conditions to win by three shots from the quartet of Emily McLennan, Jessica Cowie, Whitney Hillier and Norwegian star Tonje Daffinrud, who all finished tied for second place after shooting 3 under par rounds of 71.

1 Ellen Davies-Graham 68
2 Emily McLennan 71
2 Tonje Daffinrud71
2 Jessica Cowie 71
2 Whitney Hillier 71
6 Stephanie Na 73
7 Liv Cheng 74
7 Emma De Groot 74
7 Stacey Peters 74
7 Manon De Roey 74
7 Ali Orchard 74
7 Lauren Hibbert 74
7 Jade Fisher 74
7 Lili Cammisa 74
15 Kristen Rue76
15 Belinda Diamond 76
17 Grace Lennon 77
17 Amy Walsh 77
19 Kristen Farmer 78
19 Jenna Hunter 78
19 Liz Elmassian 78
19 Kyla Inaba 78
19 Breanna Gill 78
24 Hannah Collier 79
24 Katelyn Must 79
26 Nina Muehl 80
26 Sheridan Gorton 80
26 Samantha Foley 80
26 Robyn Doig80
26 Elmay Viking 80
31 Kylie Close 81
31 Eileen Kelly81
33 Paige Stubbs 82
33 Sarah Kemp 82
33 Kelly Okun82
33 Felicity Lloyd-Jones82
33 Meghan Musk82
38 Chantal Hodson 85
39 Jessica Macphee89
40 Molly Lavercombe 90
41 Brittany Bomar93


2016 Results

Winner Stacey Keating with sponsor Irene Klane

As the last group headed to the 18th green it was looking like a 3 way tie and a play-off but Stacey Keating was having none of that and hit a fabulous putt 20m from off the green to win outright.

1Stacey Keating70
2Tonje Daffinrud71
2Kyla Inaba71
4Hayley Bettencourt72
4Sheridan Gorton72
4Laura Jansone72
4Isabelle Boineau72
4Bree Authur74
9Christine Wolf73
9Emma De Groot73
9Chloe Leurquin73
9Caroline Martens73
14Grace Lennon74
14Ali Orchard74
14Breanna Elliot74
14Cathryn Bristow74
14Leigh Whittaker74
14Ellen Davis-Graham74
20Nina Muehl75
20Jade Fischer75
20Marion Ricordeau75
20Rachael Hetherington75
20Stacey Tate75
20Jessica MacPhee75
20Lauren Hibbert75
20Breanna Gill75
20Ashley Ona75
29Ana Menendez76
29Katekyn Must76
29Jessica Speechley76
32Amy Walsh77
32Jessica Cowie77
32Brittany Bomar77
32Anna Stanton77
32Elmay Viking77
32Nikki Garrett77
38Sienna LAMBERT78
38Jacki Marshall78
38Ashleigh Blacksell78
41Nancy Harvey79
41Stephanie Na79
41Kristen Farmer79
44Whitney Hillier80
44Liv Cheng80
44Jenna Hunter80
44Alison Whitaker80
49Danielle Montgomery81
49Vicki Thomas81
51Katy Jarochowicz83
52Belinda Diamond86
52Nicki Henderson86
54Sharon Hempstock87
55Eileen Kelly89
56Elanor Givens, Therese Hjertstedt, Karen Pearce, Tamara Johns

2015 Results

Joint winners Liv Cheng & Sarah Kemp

The inaugural Brisbane Invitational went down to a play-off between Liv Cheng and Sarah Kemp with both carding a gross 70.  With light rapidly failing and the green lit by car headlights and buggies the girls  both landed on the 18th play-off hole, neither with a easy putt with the hole being located on the slope.  Both made par and with no light for a second go around agreed to split the title.

Light fading fast for playoff

1Sarah KEMP70
2Liv CHENG70
3Bree ARTHUR71
4Hannah COLLIER71
5Kristen FARMER72
6Emma DE GROOT72
8Stephanie NA74
9Rebecca ARTIS74
10Adriana BRENT74
11Jade FISHER74
12Jordana KEATON74
14Alexandra ORCHARD74
15Nikki GARRETT74
16Ashley ONA75
17Jennifer RAY75
18Anna STANTON75
19Cherie ALISON75
20Breanna GILL75
21Nancy HARVEY75
22Whitney HILLIER75
23Katelyn MUST76
24Jessica DENGATE76
26Michele THOMSON76
27Sydney COX76
28Rebecca GREEN77
29Christine WOLF77
30Ashleigh BLACKSELL77
31Lauren HIBBERT77
32Alex STEWART77
33Grace LENNON77
34Danielle MONTGOMERY78
35Ashley SHOLER78
36Elmay VIKING78
37Mianne BAGGER78
39Sienna LAMBERT79
40Leah HART79
41Bing LIM80
42Michelle BRISTOW80
43Carmen RAILTON80
44Jenna HUNTER80
45Nadine SMITH81
46Reanna MATTHEWS81
47Lauren BLEASE82
48Samantha TROYANOVICH82
50Briony WEBB85
51Angela TRUNCHON85
52Therese HJERTSTEDT89

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